The evolution of news and media

News and media have always played an important role in the development of the human civilization, and it has always proved itself to be an instigating causal factor for many huge changes brought about in this world, but this thing has had its inception at the very start of the human civilization this is how it all began.

The early innovations

The usage of letters  was started by the Egyptians in the early 3330 B.C with their hieroglyphics, and they were also the people to invent the early form of paper in the year 1000 B.C , the forerunner for the modern day newspaper was the  started by the Romans by posting the ‘Acta diurna ‘ a paper which announces the day’s events  to its citizens in the 60 B.C . Then the Chinese invented the moveable character printing press in the year 1041 a.d then came the invention of the movable type printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in Germany in the year 1446 a.d, and by the 1500s there was a rise in the printing of newspapers and pamphlets. This is how the media gained the power to become an effective communicator to the masses.

Further innovations in the media.

The present-day newspapers came into being in the year 1609 from the nations of Europe namely in France and in Germany and in England.The Puritans were the first people to set up a printing press and start the printing of books and pamphlets. Editorial autonomy was first exercised by the editor of the New England Courant in the year 1721. The first magazine was printed by Andrew Bradford in the year 1741 called ‘American magazine.’


The start of the industrial revolution and the Telegraphic era.

With the upheaval of the industrial revolution, many people were flooded with many innovative ideas, and they were inventing new gadgets one of the first media inventions of this time was the invention of the telegraph by Samuel Morse in the year 1844 and during the James Buchanan inauguration was the first time a photo was taken. The first transatlantic cable was put in the year 1858. Telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in the year 1876, Thomas Edison invented the phonograph in the year 1877 and Guglielmo Marconi   invented the radio the year 1894 with these inventions the industrial revolution was fueled very well in talking the process of manufacturing of the products to another level thus giving rise to many new innovations in the manufacturing industry.

The golden ages of Radio, T.V, and movies.

During this age a lot of developments took place in the in all the three forms of media, Joseph Maxwell invented the electronic microphones in the 1920’s Calvin Coolidge was the first person to have spoken on the radio, the first television transmission was done by Philo Farnsworth. The first animated movie was produced by the Walt Disney in the year 1937 the movie (snow white and the seven dwarfs). The first audio tape was developed in Germany, and the digital age and the age of internet technology was developed in 1940.

We are now living the age of internet and new media /social media the age where any information can be passed within a millisecond to a person in another part of the world.

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