“Taller” male member of the world will join a museum in Iceland

John Falken, 43, has received a request from The Icelandic Phallological Museum, a museum that specializes in the mummification of male organs for scientific purposes.

The request came to Valken, who lives in Manhattan via the Huffington Post, where he wished the latter could give his male member to the museum, whose scientific goal is to study the physiological evolution of humankind and animals over the decades.

The museum, founded in 1997 in Essenald, has about 300 male members. Paul Arasun is the first man before Bohp, the male member of the museum after his death in 2011 at the age of 90 years.

The founder of the museum is Sigurdur Hogaratson, a Latin American university scholar, who studied for 37 years before he devoted himself to the expansion of his museum, which many place as odd, but a visit to the museum’s site shows the interest of researchers to benefit from the studies accompanying the exhibits.

The museum appears to be interested in Falken, who has been famous for his reputation as a Web site, especially the United States, after being awarded the title of the longest male member (13.5 people). Fallen’s fame began when the police arrested him for concealing suspicious material under his trousers before making sure it was normal and fired. He also participated in American talk shows and programs.

But how did Valken respond to the museum’s request? “This is my pleasure,” In short, the man agreed to join his famous male friend to a scientific museum after “long life” !.

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