Soon in the market … toothbrush connected to your smart phones

Procter & Gamble announced Friday that it has created the world’s first toothbrush connected to the smartphone and gives personal advice to help its users improve their teeth cleaning.
The new toothbrush – which will be available in the market starting in June – will be applied to smart phones via Bluetooth technology and can be programmed with the help of a dentist, making the person give more attention to any area of ​​the mouth that is ignored.
The innovative brush will be unveiled at the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week and the brush will join a wide range of gadgets related to smartphones, which measure everything from sleep patterns and calories to the distances that one spends during exercise.
The new brush is expected to be sold in Britain at 199 pounds (US $ 330) and 219 euros in Europe.
Cullberry also developed a smart electronic toothbrush to be launched in the third quarter, according to the company’s website.

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