Obama has ruled out US military intervention in Ukraine

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US President Barack Obama ruled out Thursday US military intervention in Ukraine and said his country’s military confrontation with Russia would not be “appropriate”.

“We are not planning to mobilize ourselves in a military campaign in Ukraine,” Obama said in a televised interview. “What we are planning is to mobilize all our diplomatic capabilities so that we can have a strong international coalition that sends a clear message that it is Ukraine that must decide its fate.”

“The best way and I think that even the Ukrainians are aware that our entry into a military confrontation with Russia will not be appropriate and will also be beneficial to Ukraine.”

“The military option is not on the table on Ukraine,” he said, but stressed that “the United States and its allies are ready to impose more damaging economic sanctions for Russia.”

“We do not need to provoke a real war with Russia, and the Ukrainians do not want it. No one wants it.”

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