“mysterious” woman contacted the captain of the plane lost two minutes before taking off

In a new development of the missing Malaysian plane, investigators discovered the captain received a telephone call two minutes before taking off from a mysterious woman by a fake mobile phone number, the Daily Mail reported.

This came during the investigators’ study of the phone records of the captain and his assistant Abdul Hamid to track and interview the callers.

The call was one of the last calls made by Captain Zahari Ahmed Shah hours before Boeing 777 departed Kuala Lumpur 16 days ago.

Investigators believe there is a great possibility of detecting the perpetrator, since anyone who gets a cell phone chip is through a form containing his personal data, in addition to his or her personal identity or passport.

After buying the cell phone chip, Malaysian police discovered that someone had bought the chip “very soon,” using a fake identity to give it to the mysterious woman.

The information raises the authorities’ concerns that Captain Zahari, 53, is linked to terrorist groups that routinely use non-traceable cell phone cards.

All the people who met with the Malaysian pilot were interviewed just hours before taking off.

According to the newspaper, investigators are preparing to question the wife of Captain Zahari Ahmed Shah, after a two-week wait, in recognition of her psychological condition, under pressure from FBI officers, the couple are separated, but they lived under one roof and have 3 children.

“Investigators have been courteous with Fayza Khan, but she has not been asked about her husband’s mental behavior and condition in the days leading up to the incident,” the source said.

Malaysian police, in cooperation with the FBI investigation team, believe that Captain Zahari’s wife may have evidence and information about Zahari’s psychological and mental condition.

A source close to the FBI said the whole world was looking to find out the fate of the missing plane and the mental state of the captain who led the plane.

Malaysian police are investigating the possibility that the missing Malaysian plane’s pilot may be an eccentric political dissident.

The plane disappeared completely 16 days ago with 239 people aboard.

According to the newspaper, Captain Zahari Ahmad Shah is an enthusiastic supporter of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

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