Earth is threatened by a total extinction sixth

Some scientists believe that the sixth mass extinction risk will soon threaten the Earth, due to high temperatures and a high concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. The first global extinction occurred on the planet 250 million years ago, when 70 percent of the living on land and 96 percent of the aquatic life were extinct. 
Incidents of mass extinction have been repeated several times, and the land after every extinction needs millions of years to overcome, and scientists believe that the responsibility for the next sixth extinction is borne by man.
Belgian scientists have already declared that water will cover part of the European continent in the middle of the 20th century and that the flooding in Britain is the “first sign”. It is not unlikely that London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Antwerp and Rotterdam will sink by 2050. Scientists have developed an interactive map of the Earth showing countries that will sink in the event of global warming and the melting of Arctic ice.

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