CNN: Iran to adopt an aircraft carrier

Iran is currently building a model aircraft carrier in a location near the southern port of Bandar Abbas, CNN reported quoting US officials on Saturday. Satellite images, obtained by CNN, showed the giant model of the ship with aircraft on board, being built near the southern port of Bandar Abbas. The Iranian aircraft carrier appears […]


Obama has ruled out US military intervention in Ukraine

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US President Barack Obama ruled out Thursday US military intervention in Ukraine and said his country’s military confrontation with Russia would not be “appropriate”. “We are not planning to mobilize ourselves in a military campaign in Ukraine,” Obama said in a televised interview. “What we are planning is to mobilize all our […]

The Russian president uses the “Kalpth” to intimidate the German Chancellor

After the Russian President “Vladimir Putin” the weakness of the German Chancellor, “Angela Merkel” and held by dogs, activists on the social networking “Facebook” pictures of the meeting of “Merkel and Putin,” where Putin introduced his dog “Connie” in the room Negotiations, which led to the occurrence of terror in the heart before the beginning […]