NGO in Basra form relief teams to 43 support the security forces

The coalition of non-governmental  organizations in the province of Basra on Monday, which includes 43 non-governmental organizations, teams of civil relief to support the voluntary security forces in Basra and other provinces.

Spokesman for the Alliance, Anmar Abdel Moneim Al-Safi, told Awan that “the coalition came with this national initiative out of duty in supporting the security forces that strike the terror fields in the provinces that have been undergoing security operations for days.”

Al-Safi pointed out that “the organizations will open the doors of volunteering through the mosques in the province for the purpose of training for those wishing to participate in the initiative for the purpose of sending volunteers to Nineveh province and other areas that are experiencing major security operations to hit terrorist groups.”

Al-Safi said that “there is joint coordination with the Directorate of Youth and Sports in Basra, as well as representatives of the authorities in the province who expressed their readiness to support this initiative, which aims to support the Iraqi security forces.”

Iraq has been witnessing the deterioration of the security situation, the impact of the control of armed groups on the city of Mosul and some areas of Anbar, Diyala and Salahuddin, while the security forces are carrying out a large-scale military campaign in support of the army and the Popular Defense Brigades to eliminate terrorist gangs.

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