The Russian president uses the “Kalpth” to intimidate the German Chancellor

After the Russian President “Vladimir Putin” the weakness of the German Chancellor, “Angela Merkel” and held by dogs, activists on the social networking “Facebook” pictures of the meeting of “Merkel and Putin,” where Putin introduced his dog “Connie” in the room Negotiations, which led to the occurrence of terror in the heart before the beginning of the conversation.

The pictures show that Putin looks at the bitch “Connie” and the reaction of “Merkel”, appearing as if she was scared and in her face signs of weakness in contrast to the other pictures where one of her feet on the other and speak strongly, and prove Putin’s look as if he was recovering from them, The most influential woman in the world, according to Forbes magazine, the “backbone of the 27-member EU”.

The magazine “Foreign Policy” America reported in her report that “Merkel” suffers from the fear of dogs, because of the bite of a dog, in her youth, Putin used it and gave her a small dog as a gift in 2006, and was keen to keep the dog “Labrador “Is present during his meetings with her to pressure her psychologically at every meeting.

Putin is very fond of dogs, quite the opposite of Chancellor Angela Merkel, whom she fears. Putin knows that. That is why whenever Merkel meets in Moscow with important negotiations, Putin brings his black dog into the negotiating room to influence Merkel’s position. And distracting her ideas.

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