15 million people bear the names of Muhammad (r) and his family (p) in Turkey

A Turkish family is rarely without an individual named after the Prophet Muhammad, or the names he has known or nicknamed, or the names of a member of his household, and given statistics indicating that 15 million people bear the name of the Prophet Muhammad, Or one of his relatives, Turkey deserves the title of “country of Muhammadiyah names.”
Families in different societies attach great importance to choosing the names of their children. Culture, religion, feelings and many factors play a role in choosing the name, which is itself a ritual and is the responsibility of the parents in the Islamic religion.
Figures of Turkish circles show that 300,000 people carry the name “Mohammed” as it is written in Arabic, with one million and 494 thousand and 279 names of names derived from this name such as “Mehmet”, “Mamd”, “Mmt”, and The word “mamad” (the letter al-H) is pronounced in the Turkish language, where those who prefer the second version see that it avoids insulting the name of the Prophet Muhammad, if the name of the Prophet is insulted, or bad for him.
The names Hassan and Hussein are third, after Muhammad and Mehmet for the names associated with the Prophet, with a total of 1 324 thousand and 987 people. Mustafa was ranked fourth, with 168 million and 502 thousand. People, and carried a million and 35 thousand and 479 people name “Aisha,” wife of the Prophet.
The name “Fatima”, the daughter of the Prophet, is one of the most famous names of the Turks in different forms, the most famous, according to the Turkish words “Fatima, Fadima, Fadiq, Fadish, Vadimana, Vadim, Fatima Zahra, Fatima Nour, Fatima Gul, .
Among the names that exceeded the threshold of 500 thousand, and about one million, the names of Khadija, Ali, Zainab, Ibrahim (son of the Prophet), and Amina, the name used by the Turks to the mother of the Prophet, “safe”.

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